You Must Keep Moving to Change Directions

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You Must Keep Moving to Change Directions

My clients often ask me, “How do I change directions in my business?” And I often answer, “Keep moving!” Now, this may sound a bit confusing because we’ve been trained to stop first and then pivot. But, when you stop, you actually lose momentum and give up control to be able to make the right strategic moves to correcting change directions.

Take an airplane, for example, the pilot has little if any control over the plane unless it is under power and moving. When it is in motion, it is easier for the pilot to maneuver the plane in the direction he/she may need to, to ensure the plane is traveling on course.

The same is true for your business. When you are making forward progress, you’re able to get clearer insights into your performance and, more importantly, what adjustments you need to make to get back on track, if needed.

When you stop, you lose a lot of the energy and momentum you’ve generated and before long, that part of your business will lose its priority – and then nothing happens.

Just as a pilot has to monitor shifts in the wind or the weather to keep everyone safe and the plane in flight, you too have to take frequent inventory of your business’ movements. But, you have to stay in motion to have “movements” to track.

Often entrepreneurs start making progress, but then they question if they are going in the right direction. Questioning your course of action is fine, but coming to a complete standstill in that area of your business is what can tragically stop your company’s overall growth. Try to make quick adjustments along the way, pivot as often as needed, but avoid stopping.

This week, I challenge you to reflect on where in your business you’ve stopped. Identify at least one area where you’ve lost your forward progress. Make a plan before the end of the week to start moving forward in that area again. It is okay if the movement is not perfect, just find something to do, and do it. Remember it isn’t about what you know, it is about how you execute!

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