You MUST Write it Down

Get it Out of Your Mind and On Paper

You MUST Write it Down

Quick question for you to consider…

Where are you storing your ideas? Are you writing them down or are you storing them in your memory?

If your answer is the latter, then I challenge you to find a more consistent way to document your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and suggestions by writing them down.

I started regularly writing everything down, about 20 years ago, in what I call “IT” books. These “IT” books, standing for “Interesting Thoughts, Things to Remember, and Stuff to Pass Along”. Now, I have dozens of these books that I have been making my way back through and uncovering some great reflections, that now, still ring true.

As a business owner, you’re constantly bombarded with challenges and if you are anything like me, you’re probably generating hundreds of new ideas every month. Think of your brain as a file cabinet. In this sense, with so much to keep track of on an everyday basis, storing your ideas in an already crowded file cabinet is not a wise practice. When you do not write your ideas down, it is harder for them to become actionable and very easy for them to be permanently shelved or forgotten.

So, this week I challenge you to do three things…

1) Figure out an idea system. Is it easier for you to carry a journal and write your ideas down as they come? Or, do you prefer to type your thoughts and store them in online documents? Either way, reflect on what system will work best for you and stick to it.

2) Take time out every day to write. Whether you take 5 minutes every morning, 15 minutes at night, or an hour at the end of the week – make time to explore ideas. You’ll be amazed at your reflections on life and business when you give yourself permission to slow down and think.

3) Reflect and revise. Your thoughts can spur great action and success in your life and for your business. Go back every few months and review your thoughts and ideas. Which ones did you act on and with what result? Which did you not act on that now you need to? Many times going back and reviewing your journal entries later can be a great way to review your own personal progress and to pinpoint what areas you may be avoiding or need to explore more.

Your ideas are powerful and need a place to live. Stop hoarding them in your mind and put them on paper so you can reap the benefits of your thought masterpieces.

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