Your Mind IS Playing Tricks on You

Your Mind IS Playing Tricks on You?

Your Mind IS Playing Tricks on You

How often do you tell yourself that you “can’t” do something?

What you tell yourself is powerful. Whether you’re giving yourself the pep talk you need before a big meeting. Or, constantly telling yourself that you will fall short no matter how much you try – what you say matters!

Think of it this way…

Your brain is an operating system. It works off of your experiences, your thoughts, and your words. When you feed your brain with negativity and all of the reasons why you can’t perform, then guess what?

You won’t be able to perform.

This is why you must choose your words wisely. Because when you say “I can’t”, your brain stops looking for solutions. You inevitably stop yourself from being productive.

I challenge you to check the language you are using. Instead of saying “I can’t”, try saying, “I don’t”, “I might”, “I should”, “I could”, or even “I would”. These words hold possibility in them and keep the optimism you need to keep moving forward. For example, instead of telling yourself, “I can’t finish this report” say “I don’t have time right now to finish this, but I will,” or “I should be done with this in an hour.” Either way, you are allowing yourself to acknowledge what is going on (i.e. you may not have enough time) without shutting your mind down completely.

So, this week, I encourage you to look for ways to substitute “I can’t” with another phrase that keeps your momentum going. And, if you would like more support in this area, I invite you to join Peak Performance Nation on Facebook for daily motivation and productivity tips.

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